MOO Server Extensions:
ext-martian.c - Miscellaneous builtin functions
  • Logical xor
  • us_time (time() value with microseconds)
  • proc_size (returns the current process size on systems with /proc filesystem)
  • nprogs (returns the number of programmed verbs in the db or on an object)
  • random_of (same as [random($)], but statistically faster)
  • enlist (if the argument isn't a list, wrap a list around it)
  • explode (same as $string_utils:explode. Disabled due to unresolved memory leak.)
  • panic (panic the server with a given message)
  • isa (same as $object_utils:isa)
ext-lists.c - List manipulation functions
  • iassoc
  • assoc
  • sort
  • make
  • slice
  • remove_duplicates
All function the same as their $list_utils counterparts.
ext-gdbm.c - DB accessor functions
  • gdbm_open
  • gdbm_close
  • gdbm_store
  • gdbm_fetch
  • gdbm_delete
  • gdbm_exists
  • gdbm_sync
  • gdbm_closeall
  • gdbm_find_keys
  • gdbm_num_keys
Used with the Generic Disk-Based Database Utilities.
ext-zlib.c - Provides access to the zlib compression library.
  • zlib_compress
  • zlib_uncompress